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Hello Friend,

So you’ve taken the first step to knowing me and here I take the next. Before you start, if you’re looking for my professional introduction please visit my LinkedIn profile using the link below.

Aashish’s LinkedIn

From being born to parents who did not have the privilege of good education to pursuing my MBA from a prestigious university in America while sparing time for 4 other roles, my life has been quite an experience.

I was born to a middle-class couple who always tried to make sure their children did not experience the hardships of a middle-class family (We are a family of 4, I have a younger brother). I only say they tried to because I still remember all the difficulties we had to go through and I will try not to forget them, at least in this life. I should admit I never felt embarrassed because I was not from a rich family. However, I definitely feel sorry for my parents who had tough days physically and mentally to hide from their children about financial difficulties.

I said I will never forget the hardships my family has gone through because, each experience during those days teaches me to work hard and never give up, to be ethical, to be strong, to be kind, to succeed and still be down to earth. Anyone who has spent even a little time with me will describe me as honest, helpful, energetic and confident. I give all the credit to my parents, it was not easy for them to give us the education and life we had and are still having.

It all went well until I was 12, I was in one of the best schools of our city. We were living in a fancy house, which was a rented property but we could afford it. Hell broke loose in 2003, my parents were betrayed by a well-known business magnet and we lost almost all the savings we had. That is when I started to experience the real world, we had to work hard to get anything we wanted. Yet, my parents never refused anything we asked for. It has been a long journey from our family being broke to owning a sizeable and popular restaurant today making good money, and my brother and I pursuing our higher studies in the US.

That was a short intro about my family, now comes the best part – about me 😉

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t experience the real world and start experiencing a common man’s life until I was 12. But once it started, I never let it end. Every day in my life, I wake up thinking about how I can use this day to enable myself to make a difference to the society.

In 2003, my brother and I were shifted to a local school and this is where I learned discipline which even today helps me get things done. Incidentally, this is where I started my leadership journey. I was also getting good at academics. Once, my parents decided to enroll us in a better school but our Principal was not ready to let me go because she had high hopes on me. Thanks to her, I had an opportunity to serve as the Pupil’s leader and School leader later.

After school, the next two years were very crucial for my academic life. But I didn’t do my best and my parents were disappointed. I knew I couldn’t change what happened, hence decided to make the future better. I got admitted into a newly opened college for my undergrad. I had great people around me, all the lecturers and staff liked me. I had a lot of friends, almost everyone on campus knew me. On the other hand, I had two close friends and we were notoriously famous for being naughty. I was a first bench student, sometimes moving all around the class based on our plan for the day 😉

From the very beginning of my college days, I took every opportunity to talk about student’s issues and college issues with the higher management. I acted as a representative of students on multiple occasions.

As I could not get into the so-called top colleges, I was determined to make up for it through additional training, I enrolled for an 18-month course in a renowned computer school. I used to go to college during the day and finish my course in the evening. Besides the regular curricular work, I wanted to dip my hand in other things and the result was getting selected as a Microsft Student Partner to which thousands of students had applied.

Microsoft Student Partner was a great position to be in. We had multiple opportunities to visit their office, talk to their employees and get to know about the latest products before anyone out of Microsoft could know.

Before I finished my undergrad and a diploma course in computers, I earned certifications like Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and Sun Certified Java Programmer.

Being a very new college, no company was ready to come to our college for campus placements (which is very common in India). So we had to attend interviews at our sister college, and five of us (including me) could secure jobs at TechMahindra. Although we were happy we could secure jobs, we were disappointed the other hundreds of students from our college couldn’t.

After I graduated with a Bachelors in Technology, I moved to a different state for my job. I stayed with TechMahindra for about eighteen months. I started as a Technical Associate at the entry level and grew into a Team Lead in very short span of time. I worked in multiple projects of British Telecom.

I left TechMahindra when I felt my parents needed some help to set right our family business. This is when I became an entrepreneur. But since I did not want to join the business as the owner, I took up the ‘Operations Manager’ role.

Venkey’s Veg is our restaurant. Here I had the privilege of leading a team of 50 wonderful individuals. I managed HR, Finance and Operations of the restaurant for a year. Once I had standard operating procedures for departments and strict responsibilities for each employee role, there was no need for someone to always keep monitoring them which means I had not much work.

I decided that was the right time for me to work towards one of my lifetime ambition of getting an MBA from a well-reputed school. I applied for four schools and earned admits from all the four. For multiple reasons I chose to go to the University of Missouri and I’m glad I made that choice.

I came to the US in August 2014. Each day here, I try to learn something. Living in the US has been one of the best phases of my life. I finished three semesters very well and I’m just about four months away from my MBA.

This country is giving me a good education with minimum costs, it has given me good friends, a good lifestyle and much more. I will always be grateful to this country as I am to India. Being thankful for all this, I have been trying to give back to society through my service. I have been working as a Student Leader on the campus representing more than 8000 Graduate and Professional students.

I’m really looking forward to this semester, as I will be handling four jobs

– Secretary, Graduate Professional Council
– Data Analyst Intern – STRIPES

– Research Assistant, Technology Services
– Teaching Assistant, Marketing for New Products (Writing Intensive Course)

I will be spending about 40 hours for my jobs besides the 11.5 credits of course work. This is going to be a roller coaster ride!

Oh, did I forget to mention I will also be working on job search this semester?

Yes, I’m looking for a job to start after my graduation. If anyone can help me in this regard or refer me to someone who can help, please use the contact form below.

Thanks for patiently reading this long story, I like writing and when I start writing its difficult for me to stop 🙂


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