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Aashish is a professional who does whatever it takes to exceed the expectations of both his employers and customers. A trustworthy and multi-faceted professional, he has been laser-focused on his career to look for opportunities that build new skill sets on the top of his existing competencies.

Aashish will utilize his techno-functional expertise, analytical and interpersonal skills and his MBA to pursue a career in IT Consulting or Product Management. Aashish has worked in the technology industry for 2.5 years and has endeavored into entrepreneurship for 1 year, already producing an efficient start to his career.

In his role as Operations Head at “Venkey’s Veg”, Aashish managed the restaurant with an annual turnover of $360,000. He led all the departments, including, but not limited to, Customer Relations, HR, Finance, and Marketing. He earned the restaurant the “Best Vegetarian Restaurant of the City” award and used his customer-centric attitude to improve the customer experience, resulting in the highest customer ratings in the city. He developed a strategy to improve cash flows to the organization through partnership and cooperation with corporate companies and government organizations for catering requirements.

At TechM, he started his career as an entry-level associate and quickly grew into a Team Lead. He helped in retaining a multi-million dollar service project from British Telecom, which proved vital to the reputational and financial health of TechM and its associates. Through his analytical abilities and leadership skills, he has played a key role in the survival of budget cuts for the organization and as such, he has earned accolades from upper management of TechM and BT for his contributions to their companies.

Aashish graduated first class with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in India. At Mizzou, he is pursuing his MBA with a dual concentration in Marketing Analytics and Management and will graduate in May 2016.

What Differentiates Aashish?


Just like one can be passionate about music, painting or sports, Aashish is passionate about leadership. He enjoys the tough challenges one has to face being a leader.

His vision as a leader is  (more…)

Customer Obsessed

Customer satisfaction is an obsession for Aashish. He believes financial health of an organization is significantly contingent upon customer satisfaction. Aashish improved customer service ratings drastically (more…)

Data Driven

Aashish believes leaders in today’s BigData era should be data driven to make better decisions. He says ” In Data We Trust ” might be something we have to keep reminding ourselves every day. (more…)

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What his managers say

Aashish’s ability to juggle multiple tasks was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. He is very detail oriented and organised. Excellent analytical skills, sound technical understanding makes him best Leader. I am particularly impressed by his ability to handle even the toughest tasks effortlessly. Aashish earns the highest recommendation.

Niyati Deshpande Test Lead at TechMahindra

Aashish was part of my team in UKB where he started as a tester and grew upto a lead within no time. He is very good both technically and managerially. We have paired 3-4 new resources with Aashish and the way he groomed them and made them ready to test complex CRs is outstanding.

Kiran Mittapalli
Kiran Mittapalli Project Manager at TechMahindra

Aashish Writes

My Story!

Hello Friend, So you’ve taken the first step to knowing me and here I take the next. Before you start, if you’re looking for my professional introduction please visit my LinkedIn profile using the link below. Aashish’s LinkedIn From being born to parents who did not have the privilege of good education to pursuing my […]

My Inspiration, My Life

Originally Published: Sun, 08 Sep 2013 20:06 I’m 23 years old but my life started 45 years ago. If you are wondering how? Exactly 45 years ago God sent someone down here for me. Yes, it’s my Mother or as I believe her – The God next to God. My personality has been (and is still […]

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